New Farrow and Ball colours (omgeeee!!)


I HAD to blog v quickly about this….
So in my post bag today was a lovely black box from Farrow and Ball with the anticipation building title ‘New Colours’

Once I’d instagramed it (natch) I ripped it open to find this wrapped up in tissue paper along with a press release detailing the new shades.
Names of said new shades are;
dimpse, Wevet (named after a Dorset term for a spiders web) , Ammonite, Purbeck Stone, Mole’s Breath (less smelly than an elephant’s?), Yellowcake, St Giles Blue, Stiffkey Blue and Nancy’s Blushes

My fave is the Stiffkey Blue


This is literally up there in terms of sheer excitement level with the time I stood next to Downton’s Lady Edith in a bar in LA! I know, I really should get out more…..

7 thoughts on “New Farrow and Ball colours (omgeeee!!)

  1. So, I’ve never stood next to Lady Edith but if I had I’d imagine this would totally outshine that moment.

    I’m loving the look of Mole’s Breath and Purbeck Stone.

    Damn them (and damn you for sharing!) because I just did a massive order for the whole house and now my head is being turned!

    • I just spent lots on tester pots for my French exterior walls and am now a little into Purbeck Stone!!!! And Stiffkey Blue will be going in my downstairs loo in London …. For sure

      • Purbeck would be stunning for an exterior wall. I’m trying very hard not to look at Stiffkey because we’ve just bought Hague Blue for our master bedroom. A year ago I would never have predicted I would have become such a paint geek!!

  2. You are the first and only site to have these on-line! I think that I will need Stiffkey Blue somewhere.

    I was wondering, what is the name of the dark gray, second down from the pink (I assume Nancy’s Blushes)? Thanks so much!

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