mad about matt

My son, Arthur has started a blog – he is a bit depressed as no one has visited it yet- I’ve told him it’s a long game in blogs….



Ok so in this post i’m going to talk about people’s favourite doctors. So in the comments leave your favourite doctor and why  . My favourite doctor is Matt Smith because he is always really exited when he meets new life forms and how he reacts to problems. For instance when he was playing chess with himself he used intellect to win back his body which was epic. Plus in 2011 while we were at a music festival(latitude), i met him in person and he was really kind. So to recap please leave a comment about your favourite doctor .Thanks see you next week.

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2 thoughts on “mad about matt

  1. Hi Arthur,
    Very impressed with your blog! Couldn’t work out how to leave a message on the other one!
    My favourite Doctor has to be Dr. Hubert who made Max and Henry possible; but in Dr. W
    ho my fave is/was John Pertwee. Love to you all Clairex

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