Fifty shades of pink


Not suitable for anyone male and/or over 9

So, to recap… This is the pink I had chosen for my ‘salon’. And I hated it. Sorry Earthbourne paints, it’s not entirely your fault, I mean, this might be nice in a small girl’s bedroom. Possibly with some of those flowery padded letters spelling out ‘sleep’ but it’s just not what I had in mind for my grand salon. I’d chosen pink for my French salon as my London home is a haven of greys, khakis and blues (well my old London home was – the current one is a building site save for my bedroom which is a khaki haven farrow and ball Blue Gray


Farrow and Ball Blue Gray in my London bedroom

In France, as it’s in the middle of nowhere where no one will expect any specific design motifs (rooms without livestock in them are oddities around these parts!) and has huge rooms, I saw it as an opportunity to do things a little less ‘greige’ which is where my pink obsession began. But my salon had to be grown up and not at all girly. #epicfail so far.

This is more what I had in mind….


Maybe a touch girly?


A little more ‘mature’?


Definitely more sophisticated and ‘manly’


Dream room…..

And I know I teased last blog post that I’d reveal what I ended up with eventually. I might spin this out a bit longer – like an episode of Homeland. All WILL be revealed next post…..

5 thoughts on “Fifty shades of pink

  1. The key I think tho is adding the pink accoutrements innit. And until you’ve painted and found a pink velvet settee – that IS a settee in that photo, right, not a sofa? – How will you truly know? Are Seb and Arthur going to sit on it? Is PETER?? SO many questions hang in the French air…
    It IS rather fun though… 😉

    • Couch is how we refer but that’s Pete’s years in the US!!!! It’s grey and from IKEA but will try to find other interesting pieces – have been reupholstering a chair…. Xx

  2. That last pic reminds me of calamine lotion!
    I’m wary of pink as I think it can sometimes look like plaster…but if thats the look youre going for then perfect choice…sorry this wasnt meant to be at all negative towards the colour pink!!

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