Google interior inspo


Shady shady

Bit of a random blog post today but thought you might like some interior inspo from the coolest offices in the world – Google HQ! I’m in residence for one week as part of my ‘real life’ job as editor of Company magazine.


Please can I work here?


Pod off!

So it struck me that Google have very similar design esthetics to me! For more pics check out our story on

Then get updating your CV – they have unlimited food and snacks all day long too!!! #dreamjob

6 thoughts on “Google interior inspo

  1. Lol my hubbie has been there and raved so great to see what the hec he was blathering on about. Our boys are all now desperate to work there and it is topic of many dinner convo’s, makes a change from super heroes at least! I prefer your house shots but not the pink. Always suspect God gave me boys to save me from pink.

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