Bargainous bedding!


bargainous bedding website I love

I don’t normally do this but….. I had breakfast this morning with a lovely PR colleague who told me about a client who I should take a look at. Its a site that sells amazing bedding that is not that dissimilar to a well known bedding where things are all of a certain colour BUT it is much much cheaper.

The site is called duvet and pillow warehouse and I have already fallen in love with their grey cable knit throws, lace edged bedding and wool cushions.

Lambswool Cable Knit Throws

snuggly cushions

Lambswool Cable Knit Throws

cable guy

So that’s it – just wanted to share as until about four hours ago I’d never heard of it and now I will be bookmarking the site and visiting when a bedroom in one of my reno projects needs some finishing touches!

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