Sitting room make over – shop the look!


pink to make the boys wink

Of all my room makeovers – I love this one the most (for more pics of ‘le salon’ before and after click here). And that’s before it is even finished. It is now an enormous, grand room befitting the style and size of the house. A place to gather formally. If we were prone to American style family Christmas cards we could all sit around the fireplace while Peter leaned in a patriarchal way on the mantlepiece. But the downside of this is a seismic shift in my attitude. I’ve gone from family and friends being able to wade through the house in mud covered wellies to a situation where I am following kids/guests/Peter around with a dustpan and brush. And that’s NOT how this holiday home was supposed to be.

Is this what happens when you choose a pale pink and cream colourscheme for a high traffic room? I fear so… But as out home becomes more boutique and less shabby-not-at-all-chic I am starting to get un peu precious!

Take my Stockholm black and cream Ikea rug

STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven IKEA The durable, soil-resistant wool surface makes this rug perfect in your living room or under your dining table.

Black and white and really alright

I spent a large portion of this New Year’s Eve celebrations encouraging guests that this was a ‘no outdoor shoe’ zone. I cried as the New Year’s Eve canape selection got tipped onto it and I even stressed about champagne spills as the clock struck midnight (red wine was banned natch). What had I become?

And my wall sconces that I picked up at a vide grenier now house drip free candles in case we get wax on them or heaven forbid the new real wood floor. I’ve found very similar ones though here at RE in case of serious disaster!

Galvanised Wall Sconce

Candle on the wall

The chairs all came from various vide greniers and the plan is to upholster them all in cream vintage linen picked up from markets and vide greniers too. And I shall be insisting upon clean trousers before anyone even attempts to sit in them. Should you want to copy my half finished chair covering look. Check out ebay for vintage french linen.

And finally woe betide anyone who messes with my cushions. Regular blog readers will know that cushions will possibly be cited in divorce papers should Peter and I ever split up. He hates them. I love them. I tried making my own (click here for blog post on this very subject) But when I spotted these ones at Graham and Green I splashed out. Shhhh don’t tell Peter!

Cushion and on and on

And finally for those who have virtually admired my cowhide footstool (*waves to twitter followers who did so…) It came from Marks and Spencer but is sadly now discontinued. So I recommend trying something like this from MADE.COM which has loads of great footstools. I have one of their purple chesterfield ottomans in my London home too! Just don’t attempt to sit on it. Well not unless you’ve showered and changed first!

Too nice for putting your feet on!

5 thoughts on “Sitting room make over – shop the look!

  1. I understand where you are coming from!
    Because I have been living in squalid or half-finished chaos for ages any semblance of order or a move toward finished decor in any one room brings out the French holiday home stress-witch in me ( est vous aussi je pense!)

    I was worried about white bits on your rug! you could take it to a French launderette with huge machines and risk that? the lady at our launderette washed my IKEA kilim for 15 euros (cold wash) lots of French folk wash their rugs, then you can enjoy parties without worrying!!
    Unless it cost fortune, might be worth considering- put back down damp and flatten it

    And cushions- I have forty destined for French house, think I might have cushion addiction

    respect for choosing cream linen upholstery, I have settled for more practical colours but with lost of light linen cushions!!

    Good luck

  2. What a great blog!! And how dreamy to renovate an hold french home. I just stumbled upon your blog looking for F&B paint inspirations and fell absolutely in love with that Calamine pink! What kind hard wood floors did you use throughout your house? I love it in every picture. Do you mind sharing? I’m in the process of picking out flooring and wanted something neutral toned that would go with everything – for days when i just feel like repainting! 🙂

    • Hello and thanks for lovely comments – the floors in the Calamine room are wood flooring bought at Bricot Depot in France and came that colour I’m afraid. They are a bit grey. Sorry that’s not more helpful. X

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