Redecorating already….


Be our guest

We have been in our house now for almost four years I think. It is big, it is empty for a lot of the year and the starting place we had was one of decades of neglect. So despite our Herculean efforts over the last few years, this project is like the forth bridge in that once we get to one ‘end’ we simply need to start again. Arghhhhh!!!

Regular blog readers will have seen our guest room makeover a year or so ago click here if not

But sadly for Peter and I as this room really has seen the most upheaval over the years (again recall the flood of 2012 here )
And despite this being it’s third iteration, it needed decorating again.

The paint had begun peeling from the walls and collecting in piles of dust around the edges where Peter was meant to instal skirting boards but hadn’t got round to it yet (come ON – what HAS he been doing?). Perhaps it was the damp walls of many decades making their own form of anti- farrow and ball protest “not Old White’ they were shouting…..


Starting to lose it’s a-peel

And the ceiling was peeling. Not, as badly as our dining room ceiling or indeed the downstairs bathroom ceiling but as we were painting the walls in here we figured we may as well do it all. And repainted the woodwork. And finally get round to painting the door. And so, now it is Calluna by Farrow and Ball a sort of lilacy grey.

And it does look much better but it did make us realise that we may need to do everywhere else! So much for a ‘holiday’ home….


New pics bought in Vide grenier


The same….. But Calluna

7 thoughts on “Redecorating already….

  1. Yes we know that “can’t believe this needs doing AGAIN!!”” feeling, applies to small house too!
    My amethyst is terrace bedroom close to close to Calluna, looks different juxtaposed to turquoisy colour above-, lovely shade

  2. Looks much fresher in the new colour. Know the feeling, constantly have to repaint due to four boys and their irritating dirty handprints and shoe scuffs. Large scruffy dogs don’t help either.

  3. The room is looking gorgeous as is your house. Really looking forward to trawling through previous posts to get up to speed!

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