What colour should we paint our shutters? (part deux)

20140804-113627-41787089.jpgApologies for the prolonged exterior painting blog. Like those films that wend on and round and just when you think they’ve ended it turns out there’s still another whole section. Like The English Patient. Or Atonement. Or Legends of the Fall by the end of which I was shouting at the screen to anyone who came within of five mile radius of Brad Pitt “steer clear – they all die!!!”

And so it is with my exterior painting. I blogged about shutter colours vs wall colours way back here. And happily you all made suggestions, passed comment etc but as with all best laid plans I seem to have ended up nowhere near any of them.

My paint dramas taking my dreams of a dark cream wall with a white shutter from me – or HAVE they? Here’s how that looks so far…


All white?

And once the window frames have been painted white too – it might be calm, serene and sophisticated… So that plan is, to paint all the shutters white (and as they are all in such bad condition they probably need lots of base coating and TLC anyway – check out our Shutter A&E area


Always knew this bit of barn would come in handy for something?

And then – I can take a view. After a long chat with Serge we decided that it might be nice to do at least the doors in a silvery green to match the leaves on my burgeoning lavender plants. (Imagine that conversation in French?) But the truth is I really can’t decide. Anyone got any thoughts then do share. I’m a bit stuck!!


6 thoughts on “What colour should we paint our shutters? (part deux)

  1. Hi

    That is a quandary I recognise- the house looks wonderful, I think pale silvery grey-green
    Teresa’s green or Pale powder (F&B)
    I am erring toward sageleavesaftertherain myself at present

  2. White can be lovely and calm, perhaps blue gray or pigeon from F&B could be nice, there is also an old colour from dulux weathershield collection called woodpigeon which looks great with creams. Downpipe could also be a possibility for a more dramatic look, combined with a slightly mauve grey. Although I am sure what ever you choose will be lovely

  3. The white doesn’t do anything to improve the look of the house and the house color is lovely. The light sage green (or lavendar green) you are thinking of would look wonderful. I choose that.

  4. I think that you should do a color that matches the beautiful color of your roof… even the same color…That would make it really “pop”! Such a difficult decision to make for sure, the possibilities are endless! Good luck!

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