Want to rent our French house?


We have decided to put LA Maison on Airbnb – eeeek. Lots of bits of it still tres rustique but it is a lovely big space if you need to be in that area so we thought we’d give it a shot!

click here for deets

And any money we make we can spend on more renovations!


7 thoughts on “Want to rent our French house?

  1. Does it feel weird to leave it for others to enjoy?
    I was thinking of putting ours on a home exchange site for holidays abroad…but I feel the renovation is not “quite” done yet…

  2. Go for it
    No project is ever really “finished” anyway
    Please do set a sensible security deposit though ( returnable once you local operative has checked) !!! one of the less pleasant lessons we have had to learn re apartment

    My BEST advice- believe me. WE tried to be informal,approachable, friendly, trusting…..

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